Nuevo ORIS Works 4.7.8

Windows 10

ORIS Works 4.8.9 supports the new Windows 10 operating system.

PANTONE+ Spot Color Libraries

The following spot color libraries are additionally installed now:

  • PANTONE+ Extended Gamut Coated.osc
  • PANTONE+ Extended Gamut Coated (CMYKOGV).osc
  • PANTONE+ Extended Gamut Coated (M0).lab
  • PANTONE+ Extended Gamut Coated (M1).lab
  • PANTONE+ Extended Gamut Coated (M2).lab
  • PANTONE+ Extended Gamut Coated (M3).lab

These files reside in the installation directory under …\Program Files\Common Files\Common Files\CC\ .

FOGRA 51/52 Target Profiles

ORIS Works supports the new ISO 12647-2:2013 based offset printing conditions for coated paper (FOGRA 51) and uncoated paper (FOGRA 52) with a respectively moderate or large amount of optical brightening agents.

ICC profiles for the new printing conditions are available in the installation folder …\CGS\Common Files\ICC:

  • PSOcoated_v3.icc
  • PSOuncoated_v3_FOGRA52.icc

WAN-IFRA Newsprint Profile

ORIS Works additionally includes the new standard newsprint profile WAN-IFRAnewspaper26v5.icc. This profile resides in the installation folder …\CGS\Common Files\ICC.

Input Data Formats

ORIS Works is capable of additionally processing the following bitmap graphic formats:

  • PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
  • GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)

2. Modifications

PDF/EPS/PostScript Input

Preflight Parameters

A new option named Fonts are not embedded has been added on the Control tab. If enabled, output is canceled if fonts are not embedded in the document.

PDF/EPS/PostScript Output


Metadata information is now preserved in hotfolders which convert to PDF format.

ORIS Job Manager Database

Installing ORIS Job Manager for the first time also installs a more recent version (5.5.44) of the database application. The database application is not updated automatically if ORIS Job Manager is installed already.

Online Licensing

A new user-friendly software protection method is now additionally available for all ORIS products. It consists of entering a license code for the program and activating it online over the Internet. This needs to be done only once. Any subsequent changes to the license are applied automatically. Users can therefore directly use new program options they have acquired without having to load license files or enter new codes.

Activating licenses requires the use of the ORIS PDF Tuner (DDS.EXE) application. The License Info dialog, which is accessible from the Help menu, has already been updated to accommodate these changes. There are some new buttons:

  • If you have acquired an online license, click on Activate license and enter the activation code. Then restart the program.
  • If you have acquired a licenses for additional program options and do not want to wait for the automatic license update, click on Update license and restart the program. The new options can then be used immediately.
  • If you want to transfer a license to another computer, click on Deactivate license and then, on the new computer, on Activate license.

To order additional program options for an online license, we recommend to specify the serial number instead of the activation code. The serial number is considerably shorter (e.g. Y00001), which reduces the risk of typing errors.

3. Bug Fixes

PDF/EPS/PostScript Input

We have fixed various bugs that occurred when PDF, EPS or PostScript files were processed, including the following:


Some gradients were not interpreted correctly under certain conditions.

Preflight Check

Now a preflight check also recognizes fonts which are not embedded completely.


Font characters are no longer modified when processing data created with CorelDraw.

PDF/EPS/PostScript Output

ORIS Works 4.8.9 provides various corrections and improvements for the following output types:

  • Conversion to PDF, EPS or PostScript format
  • PDF–PDF color correction

TIFF Output


Transparent layers are no longer rendered incorrectly when converting to TIFF format.

JPEG Output

RGB Elements

PDF files containing RGB elements are correctly output in JPEG format when color corrections are made using an ICC input and output profile.

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